We are a small team of Oliva lovers thinking it’s about time for Oliva to get their APP, OlivaViva.
And not just for the holiday makers also for the residents and new arrivals to Oliva.
Not to forget those about to move to Oliva.
Everyone will find what they looking for now in one APP, saving lots of hours searching the internet for places.
Saving time on printing out Google Maps routes or entering all the places they want to visit into your navigation systems.
Just tap on directions for the place and it will open Google Maps on your phone and lead you to the place. Or give them a call for a reservation or whatever you like.
Download Oliva and surrounding maps offline via Google Maps and you save data and money for your stay in Oliva.

We working hard on getting all places, businesses into the APP but might miss some.

So please send us a message or call if you want to be included and we will contact you and discuss things further...

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